The Quiet One

by Andy Jenkinson

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An album of oddments and sodments that I wrote and recorded as part of the RPM2017 challenge (which is basically to make a new album in February).


released February 28, 2017

I wrote/played/recorded everything. There is no one else to blame!



all rights reserved


Andy Jenkinson Leicester, UK

Singer / Songwriter / Arranger from Leicester.

Has a fondness for 60s and 70s harmony pop. Occasionally makes things under the pseudonym 'Uglifruit'.

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Track Name: Roll On Summer
I wanna take you
To the seaside
On a pier where we'll have ice cream
Or we'll paddle
To our ankles
And get caught in a rip tide stream

Gonna meet you
In the sand dunes
And roll down to the shore
Kiss you quick
Squeeze you slow
And never let you go

Roll on summer
Roll on summer
Roll on summer
Where is summer
Roll on summertime
Roll on summertime
Roll on summertime
Track Name: The Quiet One
The quiet one
Has got 'something' going on
And he need you
He's the darkest horse
He can't afford his sweet lord
Cos he's so fine
No thanks to Allen Klein

I'm inclined to believe all things must pass in time
Isn't it a pity the quiet one's gone

The quiet one
Told us all 'here comes the sun;
Now the taxman's been and gone
And he gently wept
Eventually accepted all those years ago
It wasn't bad
(When he was fab)

Isn't it a pity?

Isn't it a pity
The inner light's gone out
Without you
Within in my mind
I've got it set on you
As comfortable as an old brown shoe

The quiet one
When northern songs were done
Still gave us Harrisongs
La la lalala
Hey George

(It's been a long long long long time
Since I me me mine was fine)
Track Name: Seventies
I hold the door, pay for your meal on our date
(I can afford it)
Choose the wine, invite you back to mine, put a record on
Until it's late

Now people keep on saying I'm behind the times
I'm a forward thinking guy who just made up his mind in the seventies

In the seventies

Shhh - with your protesting it's better if you don't say a word
You know it's best if pretty ladies are seen but never ever ever heard

Now people keep on telling me I'm out of touch
But I'm just an average guy who hasn't changed that much since the seventies

In the seventies

71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79

Now maybe I'm old fashioned but I'm passionate too
A real man from the seventies

In the seventies
Track Name: Single
Single, 45
a Perfect pop song
3 minutes and he's done

Single, 7 inch
Pretty impressive when you think about it

A faded picture sleeve
But it's the music that matters so I'd like to believe
But it still makes you move
From the needle drop to the run out groove

Single, 78
Perhaps past it's sell by date
But still willing (and able) to take the stage
Is a classic, or a relic from an earlier

The label's long gone
But it's a song he keeps spinning
And we all sing along
If it still makes you dance
From the backing track
It can't all be bad

Got his hooks in you
Which just keep on repeating the same four bar loop
Like a nasty scratch
It never gets to the end
It just keeps coming
(keeps coming, keeps coming)


From a singles band
to a single man
Track Name: Any Way That You Paint It
Now he's feigning nonchalance
Said he's forgotten what he wants
Though he says he's stopped waiting
He's tired of running she's tired of chasing
Any more

So don't enquire
He's denying his desires
Though he insists he's quite looking
She's pulling pints and it pushes his buttons

Anyway that you paint it
You struggle to cover it
The truth that way
Any way that you look it
Now it's over

Now he maintains he's marvellous
But he's not fooling one of it
Though he'll swear blind that it's all behind him
He's trying to seek her she's tryna to find him anywhere
Where where where?

Don't ask
(the answers aren't what you're looking for)
Why he hides behind his mask
(and don't ask him what he's putting it on for)

Though he'll pretend that he's past caring
It's understood that he's oversharing

Though he'll deflect and deny he's trying
Is this real happiness he's crap at lying

Anyway that you paint it
You struggle to cover it
The truth that way
Every way that you look it
Now it's over
Track Name: Bursting Bubbles
Can't you trace the lines upon my hands and conclude
We're facing no chance

Can't you hear the beating of my heart in my chest
And guess what it means

It seems our bursting bubbles
Captured on a fast film slowed to show they're scared to lose their shape as they tear

So where do we go from here?

Can't you see
You shadow of the person that I want to be
And can't you take the hint

Abruptly interrupted by a token spoken word
Hidden beneath a cough

Often our bursting bubbles float away before the pin goes in
And the fragile skin remains intact for now

And how do we go from here?
Track Name: Communications Satellite (1962)
Track Name: Mr and Miss Smith
Let's hire a motor and head to the coast
Or book in a cheap motel
For a weekend of hell
Where we pretend we're "Mr and Mrs Smith"

Lets pack up a picnic lunch
Take a blanket and a flask
We could find a secluded field
And not ask - trespass

Mr and Miss Smith
Let's just be
Mr and Miss Smith
Mr and Miss Smith
Let us be
Mister and Mistress
For our dirty weekending

Let's find a no entry sign
To ignore
This time is mine an yours

Mr and Miss Smith
Let's just be
Mr and Miss (Mr and Miss) Smith
Mr and Miss Smith
Let us be
Mister and Mistress
For our dirty weekending

Mr and Miss
Mr and Miss
Mr and Miss
Is something I miss
Track Name: Don't Dance With Me
Don't dance with me
When the music's gone
Don't with me If it's done

Don't dance with me
Don't hold my hand
And don't say you'll care
Say you'll never be there any more for me

So do please stay while the music plays at least a verse or two remains
For you an me remain

Don't dance with me
While the song goes on
Don't dance with me
Cos I know what's going on and it's wrong

Don't dance with
Don't hold my hand
And don't say you do
Say you'll never be there any more for me

So lets make the best of all the rest then we've bee blessed with one verse left
We'd better get undressed

So don't tell me that you need me when the singer is still singing
And bringing me to my knees

And please don't believe a word

And please don't leave
Track Name: Not The Most Sophisticated Of Songs
It's not the most sophisticated of things to say
But I like you anyway
And it's not the smartest of lines to use
But it's the truth when I say it

Please don't laugh at me if I'm a tad naive
I'll just be glad if you'll believe
And it's not the cleverest of bright ideas
But it's the only one I've had in years

It's me and you
Me and you
And that'll do
And everyone else just can just go and screw themselves
It's me and you